Building Connections

Building a City of connections takes an investment you must be ready to move on.
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Business Matters
space = inventory
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Building Connection

Connections are teh most important part of starting business and investments. Learning how to cultivate a connection to an asset takes a various skill… 

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Creating Inventory

Once your connections have been meet find solutions to add inventory to your network. These Creations will develop your foundation of the investment

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Inventing Solution

Solutions are an inventive process that allows you to find the answers for questions or problems that no one else can. This skill is tough to master though has a high return if done so.

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Little Story
Abouts Us

A group of everyday beyond normal people

We started to build this network of investors, inventors and systemic minded people with the idea that if you can find solutions to issues and create connections you can basically invest into anything and it will thrive.

Since 2014 we have been driven to find solutions to investment platforms even all the way to gaming platforms as well. We are a eclectic group of connections from programmers to customer service engineers to just regular people who love to do new things. 

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Meet The Team

Amy Kypers
Chief Executive Officer
Maxx Fairo
Chief Tech Officer
Brian Fairo
Chief Marketing fficer
Erica Fowler
Chief Financial Officer